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Prices from: £15

Prom Corsage and Boutonniere

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A corasage or boutonniere for your Prom date is a very important part of the Prom tradition. Flowers, for him and her, are special way of showing your respect and consideration for your partner.

A corsage is typically created using three or four fresh flowers, along with some baby's breath, and ribbon. The corsage is typically designed to match a dress or formal outfit. We can offer three types of corsages for you to choose from, and these include the prom look wrist corsage, the pin-on corsage and the hand-held corsage.

Girls aren't the only ones who get to wear flowers on Prom night. Boys can wear a boutonniere, which is a small flower arrangement, usually one or two small flowers, which is pinned onto his left lapel. If you are attending the Prom with a partner we can craft the boutonniere to match the girl's corsage, so if she is wearing a corsage with a few red roses on it, then the boutonniere would probably be a single red rose.

Boutonnieres can be priced independently or included with the price of a corsage.